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Ask Me Anything | November, 2015

November 2015

Cam responds to questions submitted by you!

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV (other than football)?

I love watching basketball. March Madness is great, but I can watch NBA games anytime. My boy Steph Curry is lighting it up right now! It's fun to watch.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

When I was in school, people sniffling their nose over and over used to drive me crazy. Just go get a tissue!!

I saw that your younger brother is a high school quarterback. Do you think he could be better than you one day?

I would never tell him this, but Caylin has all the tools to be a great football player. If he continues to grow and works hard, the sky is the limit.

How was your trip to Australia?

It was a blast, mate! I was surprised that is was cold in July, but the people were super nice and we had a lot of fun. Gatorade sent me along with some family members and I got to train with a professional Australian rules football team. It was confusing, but was great to learn about different sports and different cultures.

Have you gone to any Auburn football games since you've been in the NFL?

Unfortunately not! The NFL season just hasn't allowed me to make it to any Auburn games....BUT you might see me cheering on my Tigers at this year's Iron Bowl.

Who would win in a game of or Charles Barkley?

HAHA. If we are talking right now in 2015, I might be able to take Chuck..but if we are talking in HIS prime, I would have no chance.

Who's your biggest influence in life?

I've said it before, but I was very fortunate to be raised by two loving, God-fearing parents that instilled in me what it means to be a hard worker, a family man, and an overall good person.

Ask Me Anything | August, 2015

Cam on Football, Faith and Food

Cam answers your latest questions!

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of in your career?

I am always working to do better on the field, but I have to say I am most proud of the fact that I am a recent college graduate. I worked hard at it during the past 3 offseasons, and it is an accomplishment that will benefit me long after I'm done playing football.

Has your faith helped guide you in your success?

Absolutely. The faith that my parents and family instilled in me from a young age plays a role in everything I do in life. I know that my faith will be tested in life..but holding tight to my beliefs and knowing that the man upstairs has a plan for me always keeps me strong.

What do you think about right before you go on the football field and play?

I think about the game plan that my team has prepared for, and what I need to do to help my team play the best. But then it is important to remember to have fun and be in the moment. Everything happens very fast- so you have to be focused at all times.

When your career in the NFL is finished, what will be your next move?

Great question. I love kids- so I will definitely continue to work to improve the lives of kids everywhere through my Foundation. But I also hope to be involved in the world of sports some way or another.

Do you like to cook? If so, what?

I have actually taken a couple of cooking lessons..but I like to eat more than I like to cook! I do make a mean bowl of cereal!!

What do you like most about the city of Charlotte?

What's not to love!? Charlotte is a bigger city, but has a tight-knit community feeling that I love. There is the southern hospitality aspect which is also important to me, as I was raised in the south. And there are a ton of great restaurants in the Queen City!

What position would you play if you weren't a QB?

I would still want to be scoring maybe a wide receiver slash tight end slash running back!

Do you ever get nervous on the field?

I get butterflies before the game, but I wouldn't call that nervous at all. More like excited before Christmas morning.

Have you ever thought of doing some kind of celebration dance like OBJ doing the whip?

I have actually done the whip before in a game! And I have done the Deion Sanders dance in Atlanta. Even though I'm known for the Superman celebration, I always like to spice it up and add different things to my TD celebrations.

What is on your favorite pregame playlist?

I like to listen to energetic music..and I like to listen to the newest music that's out. Drake and Jay-Z are 2 artists that are usually on my playlists and get me hyped before a game.

Ask Me Anything | May, 2015


Cam Newton takes a break from football to discuss his favorite food, activities, and of course his personal style.


Blue! Ironically enough, every sports team I have ever played for has had blue as a color.



FAV City?

Ironically, Charlotte, NC where I play for the Panthers.

Fav musical artist?


Fav thing to do on a day off?

Watch movies with friends and family, and walk my dog Apollo. He’s an English Mastiff and is HUGE! 220 lbs!!

Fav place you have visited?

Anguilla (Caribbean Island)

Fav food?

Right now I am a pescatarian (seafood diet) and I love some fried lobster tails!

Fav movie you’ve seen in the past year?

Gone Girl. What a shocker!

Fav Video Game?

Madden and NBA 2K

Fav TV shows?

All-time fav is Martin. Recently, Breaking Bad.

Fav Superhero?

Seriously!? Is this a joke!? You KNOW I’m all about the Man of Steel! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s SUPERMAN!

What's in my Bag | January 2015

Off Season Training Bag

UA Undeniable Storm MD Duffle; Drakkar Essence; UA Sweatband; Powerbeats² Wireless; Key Ring; Gatorade Cool Blue: Cam Newton Limited Edition; UA C1N Cleat;

What's in my Bag | January 2015

Travel Bag

Charlotte Hornets Ball Cap; UA Undeniable MD Duffle; Beats By Dre Portable Pill Bluetooth Speaker; Cool Blue Gatorade; Winterfresh Gum; The Holy Bible; Men's UA Micro G® Sting Training Shoes; Deck of Playing Cards; Bottled Water