CNF Introduces Reading Program to Solid Rock Christian Academy

April 22, 2012

The program promotes reading and literacy among school-aged children. Students were taught the importance of correct speech and grammar usage. Students participated in different activities to build on and sharpen their public speaking skills. Through various activities, students were able to connect written and oral communication to reading.

Several students have been chosen based on their reading levels to participate in a program that will allow them to be rewarded upon successful completion of the reading program. Students will be awarded a special gift, specifically an electronic reading device, that will serve as an incentive to increase their reading and reading levels. The goal is to allow the student to read about subjects that are passionate about. With increased literacy skills, students have a greater opportunity to be productive and successful members to society.The CNF Reading Program is anxiously awaiting the summer so that the Summer Reading Camp can begin to assist students with their reading and literacy skills . Students will be challenged to improve their reading and writing skills and will participate in various assignments and rigorous tasks that will enhance their skills.


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