The Cam Newton Foundation mentoring program works to foster independence, guidance, motivation, emotional support and other developing characteristics to youth in need of a positive change in Newnan, Georgia and surrounding counties.  The program is held every other Saturday from 8:30 am to 12 noon. 

The program facilitates structured-based services to those students who struggle with attendance, academic goals, personal growth, as well as social-emotional development. The CNF mentoring program has partnered with local communities and schools to provide educational, recreational, and developmental support that will enhance the mentoring relationship. Currently the CNF mentors fifty students ranging from the ages of nine to eighteen years old. The program works with professionally qualified men and women who are equipped with the necessary tools to impart positive relationship-building in order to boost healthy lives of the youth in the community. 


Please contact Luther Day at if you’re interested in joining the Cam Newton Foundation’s mentoring program. 


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