Teachers, administrators, and students were ready for a “normal assembly” when they gathered together in their school gym to celebrate the introduction of their “pay it forward” initiative, known as BMMAD: Bradley Mavericks Make A Difference.

Bradley Middle School is one of the three Charlotte Mecklenburg partner schools of the Cam Newton Foundation. In November, each partner school received a $50,000 donation to help improve and enhance the school’s culture. As part of Bradley Middle’s programming, Principal Rosenbach created the BMMAD program to return to the community what Cam and his foundation have done for the school. The goal of the BMMAD initiative is for the school to total 2,500 hours of community service and 2,500 hours of acts of kindness. Each student is being asked to participate, and students are being tracked via pledge cards that must be signed by an adult once an act of kindness or service is completed.

Today, Cam surprised the kids at their BMADD kick-off event to help bring excitement and encourage the kids to participate in BMMAD. As Principal Rosenbach introduced Cam as "the man who paid it forward to us," the students immediately went into an excited frenzy. They cheered crazily because they knew exactly who their Principal was talking about. Cam performed a skit explaining the BMMAD initiative, spoke to the kids about giving back, and then had a question and answer session with kids. Questions ranged from asking why he went back to school and what was his hardest subject in school, to why did he pick #1 for his jersey, and even included a student asking for a hug. After the assembly, Cam took pictures with the student leaders of the BMADD initiative.


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