Levine Children's Hospital Visit

November 08, 2013

However, Cam wasn't the only one doing the passing on this very special day.  Children from several different floors passed an abundance of encouragement to Cam as they graciously shared their time, laughter, and hugs!

While visiting with each child and group, Cam gave them Under Armour t-shirts that read "Who's Gonna Stop Me” - a message intended to thrive in the hearts of every patient. After room to room visits and a stop on the rehab floor, Cam moved on to the Seacrest Studio.  In the studio, he shared thoughts about his thankfulness for the Levine Children's Hospital, as well as took questions and answers from many different patients.  Anything that takes place in the Seacrest Studio is able to be broadcast to all the rooms throughout the hospital.

During his visit, patients and their families received autographs from Cam. A big thank you to the staff at Levine for the warm welcome and hospitality!


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