Under the theme of "Every 1 Matters," the Cam Newton Foundation establishes and strengthens relationships in the Charlotte and Atlanta communities. The CNF creates and supports strategic programs, events and partnerships that align with these focus areas. Charitable initiatives fall under three main areas:

Every 1
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Every 1 Learns expands educational opportunities for children who are deserving, at-risk or from disadvantaged families

Cam understands a quality education is the key to developing well-rounded youth and wants to ensure the opportunity to learn is available to every child. Every 1 Learns focuses on providing academic support and aid for academically-talented or motivated youth who are lacking financial resources, as well as providing mentoring and tutoring programs for all students, including those considered at-risk. The Cam Newton Foundation will establish metrics to measure the improvement of the schools and students that are supported to ensure academic progress.

Every 1 plays engages youth in play, recreation and physical fitness activities to improve overall health and confidence

Cam’s success on the football field has given him confidence and taught him the value of physical fitness, teamwork, and dedication that he has carried into all aspects of his life. Every 1 Plays uses play as a way to reach young people and teach these important life skills. Through Every 1 Plays, Cam seeks to improve and revitalize underserved communities by refurbishing neighborhood parks, fields, playgrounds, and community centers. Resources are also provided for kids who cannot financially afford to be involved in sports and recreation through special programs promoting football, as well as other sports, for all ages and various skill levels.

Community service, holiday outreach and general charitable support to other non-profits and those in need.

Cam has been passionate about youth-focused community service since his freshman year in college. He has remained committed to enhancing the communities he lives and works. He understands that with the proper resources and community support, every child has the opportunity to thrive. Through Every 1 Gives, the CNF emphasizes and encourages volunteerism, develops impactful and significant holiday outreach programs that brightens the spirits of those in need, and helps support and participate in other non-profit initiatives.


Our Partners

We'd like to thank our partners for their generous contributions and their support for the Cam Newton Foundation.

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